Souk Crochet Tote

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Named for the markets in the maze of streets and alleys of Moroccan cities, our Souk Crochet Tote is where luxury meets functionality. Hand-crocheted just outside of Marrakesh in a town called Tamesloht, these saturated colors are woven into complex knit designs. Stitch-by-stitch, the co-op of artisans with Art Tissage Tam carefully construct these bags and the result is useful pieces of art—each bag is slightly unique.

Tissage Tam is a simply beautiful cooperative hidden behind unassuming exterior walls - so when you walk in, the effect is stunning. The goal of this cooperative is to preserve traditional weaving and embroidery skills and to perpetuate these handicrafts by training new weavers and embroiderers those skills that offer the opportunity to earn an independent living. We love this concept and are proud to showcase their talents! The fact that this tote is durable enough for a trip to the city market, yet soft and stylish for any outfit is enough, but to know what it supports makes it all the better.

  • 100% Cotton
  • 15" w x 27" h
  • Spot Clean
  • Made in Morocco