Gien Toscana

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For more than 175 years, Gien has been renowned for its supreme faience artistry executed by the finest craftsmen at the Gien Faience Factory in the Loire Valley of France. The classic hand-painted pattern of the Toscana collection is a longtime Gien favorite. Its finely detailed plates and bowls are decorated with elegant scrolls, colored borders and festive flowers, evoking a meal in Tuscany and a Renaissance spirit. Inspired by an original design from the Gien archives dating back to 1875, Toscana’s breadth of color lends itself to easily mix with nearly any décor.

Dinner Plate 11 1/4"

Salad/Dessert Plate 9 1/4"

Canape/Bread and Butter Plate 6 1/2"

Tea Cup and Saucer